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Portable power turns any routine camping trip into a new, lively experience. Or it can end a crisis where a storm has taken your power out for the evening.

Yes, portable power is the lifesaver it sounds like and we highly recommend Honda Generators for all your lifesaving power backup plan. We do.

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Explore all the latest models & features, or simply explore more about Honda technology and why these generators are the world's best. Then, come see us for all your sales & service needs!


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Honda Generators Power Dealer

For over 35 years, Honda generators have set the industry standard for portable generators with the most extensive model selection for a variety of commercial and consumer applications.

Portable electric power anywhere can enhance most outdoor activities we enjoy. Honda generators have also been a long time favorite of the construction and rental industries for their reliability and durability. The increased demand for electric power often pushes local power providers to capacity and sometimes results in "brown-outs". Honda offers the world’s most complete line of portable generators to provide power in situations just like this, and all units meet EPA and CARB emission levels. Easy to operate and the safest way to enjoy power anywhere!

Gulf Marine Inc., is here to help you experience life with a Honda generator. We can provide expertise while you are shopping for a new generator. We stocks several models of Honda generators and we care about your Honda experience!