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Honda Marine powers the world's most-important boats and can be found at many of America's finest fishing & boating tournaments.

With their unmatched combination of power, torque, RPM and fuel efficiency, it is no surprise that everyone wants a Honda Marine to power their wet dreams and carry their families to and from safely and reliability.

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Honda Marine

Power for hard play on the water

Honda Marine Hard at Play

Honda Marine Outboard Motors are dependable, powerful and efficient, which is exactly what I want from my outboard motor and hopefully for you, too. With Honda being the world's largest engine manufacturer, it makes sense to put your trust in the Honda name.

For mid and smaller horsepower needs, there’s plenty of punch in the Honda BF30 and BF25. And for the power hungry, Honda's flagship, award winning BF250 is a showcase of engineering and technical excellence. With new technology like a unique air induction system, AMP+, a variable idle charging system, and a new gear case, you’re looking at a first-class outboard like no other.

Of course, the BF250 also includes tried and true exclusive Honda technology. Like the BLAST system for a vastly improved hole shot, VTEC technology for more power where and when you want it, and Lean Burn Control for optimal fuel economy. These technologies deliver on Honda's promise of unparalleled performance, power and fuel efficiency.

Gulf Marine is an authorized retailer and service center for Honda Marine products. Give us a call with any questions or for any assistance.